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Our Company belongs to  one of the renowned business family of Marwar (Jodhpur) Nagar.Seth Shri Bhikam Das Ji Parihar (Grandfather), engaged in trading goods and grains from the past 100 years. We Jagshanti Industries Group, were formed by Shri Sunil Parihar under the guidance of his father Shri Jagdish Singh Parihar and with help of his brother Shri Chander Shekhar Parihar. The first unit of our company was established in the year 1978. Commercial production was started later from September 1980 in Jodhpur. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology tools and equipment for the smooth functioning of all our business processes. These facilities include two units in Jodhpur, two units in Barmer, a processing unit at Boranada (Jodhpur), Captive Mines of Bentonite at Akli / Thumbli (Barmer), Diatomaceous Earth at Kapuria (Sajit, Jaisalmer) and Limestone at Sojat 

Why Choose Us

Quality, Consistency and Timely Delivery are the main object of our company. By achieving these, the performance of our company has increased in the last 30 years from one unit to four units having capacity of processing 8000 M.T per month.

    Meet Our Team

    • Jagdesh Ji Parihar

      Bachelor in Commerce, Inspirer of Industry, vast experience of trading and agriculture

      • Sunil Ji Parihar

        Diploma in Civil Engineer, founder of the company.

        • Mamta Parihar

          Controller of Finance and Accounts

          • Divyesh Parihar

            Engineering in Computer Science, Controller of Quality Check, Research and Development and Marketing

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Our Laboratory is fully equipped to test different minerals having Fan V G meter, Hydraulic filter press with mud cell assembly, Digital pH meter, Diffuse Reflectance Meter, Desiccator, Platinum and Silica Crucible, Furnaces, Mud Testing Kit, Marsh Funnel, Liquid Limit analyzer, Sand content set, Oven, Digital Moisture analyzer, Digital Flame Photometer with general lab glass and ceramic ware.