Where are you located?

We are located in E-27(a), Marudhara Industrial Area, Basni, II Phase, Jodhpur, Rajasthan (INDIA) since 1978.If you intend to visit us please us call at +91 9829027036 or +91 9928702029 or email us at info@jagshantiminerals.com to make an appointment with us.


Do you have a Factories and Mines ?

Yes, we are having Two Factories which are located in Jodhpur and Two other Factories are located in Barmer, Rajasthan (INDIA) Mines are located in Sajit, Jaisalmer; Sojat, Pali and Akli, Barmer (Rajasthan).You may visit us by appointment only. If you are in Jodhpur or intend to visit, please Contact us so we can arrange to show you our factories and mines.

Do you publish a catalog and pricelist?

We do not publish a hard copy catalog simply because this would run into hundreds of pages and our policy of continually adding products would render such a volume quickly obsolete.


How can we place an order?

You can place your order by e-mail, fax or by posting hard copy of P.O to our head office..


What is your minimum quantity requirement for specific bulk orders?

Minimum amount for make to order as per buyer's specifications must be a minimum 50M.T or a 40ft. container .Minimum quantity requirement per packing vary from products.. 


When the Domestic and Overseas order is confirmed?

Domestic Order is confirmed as soon as we received 100% advance of the total value of consignment with Purchase Order. Overseas Order is confirmed as soon as we received 50% advance of the total value of consignment with Purchase Order or else if we confirm L/C at our bank then on L/C basis.


Can you provide Samples?

Yes. We regularly provide samples of all products to our key clients; however we charge for shipping of these samples if they weighs more than 5Kg otherwise samples are Free of Charge.


How long will it take for you to prepare an order?

This depends on what products and how much quantities you are ordering. Normally our lead time is 4 - 5 days.


What‘s the lead-time to make and deliver specific orders?

Actually production and delivery time may vary with individual order & quantity.


What is your standard packing?

Our Standard packing consists of 40 kg, 50 kg HDPE bags and Jumbo packing. We also pack as per the specification of our clients. In such cases any additional cost is borne by the clients.


How Much Will the Shipping Cost?

AAgain this depends on the final destination and size of the shipment, but all requirements for the export of the shipment from Jodhpur including packing and completion of the official export documentation is included in the price. When you contact us we will give you a definitive quote for your destination.


How will I know when my order has shipped?

When your order will be shipped, you will receive an E-mail with required information.


Do you Offer a discount on bulk purchase?

Special prices can be offered on bulk purchase.


What if I am interested in a product that I do not see on the site?

If you are interested in a product that you cannot find at www.jagshantiminerals.com, please send us an email at info@jagshantiminerals.com. We will respond to you within one to two business days.


Do you have any other lines?

Yes, we also deal in food based product such as garlic powder and flakes, onion powder and flakes and other food products also manufactured from our food product based industry named Jagshanti Food Products.


What are your strengths as a manufacturer exporter?

Quality, Consistency and Timely Delivery is not even our objective but also strength of our company.We are the company where Customer Satisfaction, Long Term Relationships, Promise and Performance are fundamental pillars.


What are the basic care instructions for your product??

Please store product in Dry Godown where proper ventilation facility should be present. Keep product away from direct contact with water, chemicals or sunlight. Use Proper handling equipment or No Hooks while handling our products because packing of product may get demolish.


What is the warranty on your product?

Our products are natural i.e no chemical treatment has been done on our product. Hence there is 100% guarantee that our quality of our product will not get abated until and unless packing of our product get demolish or it comes in direct contact with water, chemicals or sunlight.Packing of our product carry a 1-year structural warranty.Color variations /visual defects: All products are natural .Any irregularities are not classified as defects but add to the unique of the products.Mishandling: Once our powder is delivered, prevention against handling of packing material containing our powder will depend on individual usage, storage and care. Jagshanti Mineral Grinding Mills does not take any responsibility after goods are delivered.


Are the employees in your factory paid fair wages?

Yes. Also, we do not employ or encourage child labor.


What are your payment and terms conditions?

Domestic purchases are 100% advance against issuance of Purchase Order.Export purchases are 50% advance 50% against dispatch documents & LC at sight.

About Us

Our Company belongs to one of the renowned business family of Marwar (Jodhpur), Nagar Seth Shri Bhikam Das Parihar (Grandfather), engaged in trading goods and grains from the past 100 years. We, Jagshanti Industries Group, were formed by Shri Sunil Parihar under the guidance of his father Shri Jagdish Singh Parihar and with help of his brother Shri Chander Shekhar Parihar.



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